Inspired by permaculture priniciples we built our workshed out of bottles and cans.



Petalilli African Infusion are grown with love on a small farm near Harare. We walk a fine line between cultivated and wild, check out some pictures of our garden below.


Why drink herbal tea? They are like songs, each blend will move you in a different way and all of them will help you to settle in your skin, with your breathe, right here where you belong.


Please contact us with anyqueries.


Thank you for your presence here.


Check out our Jerusalema video which shows where most of Petalilli herbs are grown. 

 Jerusalema Challenge

The Resurrection Bush which grows in rocky outcrops across Zimbabwe appears dry and dead most of the year. Within a couple of hours of receiving rain this plant magically opens and turns green. A true 

rejuvenating wonder for the heart and soul.

Compost is our oxygen,

we are obsessed with making

it. The dream is to have a 

windmill stirring a microbial

tea that is fed to all the plants.

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