Petalilli Organic Herbal Teas are grown organically with love on a small farm outside Harare, Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is coincedentally shaped like a tea pot, so of course marvelous teas should be produced in this beautiful country of msasa trees and kopjes. The herbs are grown with an enrich the soil policy,

We believe and perhaps could be called fundamentalists that compost is like gold – it is the most valuable asset on the planet. We use vermicompost and compost enriched  with comfrey, nettle, amaranth, black jacks and yarrow.  

Petalilli herbal teas taste so fresh because we are in control of the entire process, from growing, to harvesting, to drying and finally packing. 

The herbs are dried in a passive dryer which ensures the herbs retain their superpowers and flavour. They are bagged and  packed all on location. So it really is farm to table.  All our paper packaging is made from recycled paper and we use cellophane plastic which will biodegrade in a matter of months so we leave a zero waste footprint. We are not certified organic but we use no pesticides or fertilizers or any other chemicals in our growing and manufacturing process.

Resurrection Bush and Zumbani are sustainably harvested by communities around Zimbabwe.

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