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All our products are grown with Love. What does that mean? At Petalilli, we want to regenerate the soil, we want to create microbiomes that support the herbs that support life, that connect us to the stars and all of life around us. We 

grow with wonder, observation and respect. Learning every day. We dry our herbs in the sun, and then they are packed by our very own teabag packing machine (Thank you BIZ), packaged by Mai Future and her  team and delivered to

our distributor. So what you drink may have been harvested just a week ago and that is why our flavours are so fresh and our herbs so potent. When we say Sleep we mean Sleep.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries, ideas or if you would like to visit our garden. Be sure to follow us on Facebook where we share gifts from our garden.

Our vision is to export, to expand beyond the garden into rural communities where we buy from women who are sustainably harvesting indigenous herbs. And this dream is becoming a reality. Our resurrection bush, lemon grass and moringa are sustainably grown and harvested by rural communities. 

So take time when you have a cup of Petalilli to dream your dream, to imagine the best possible future for your children, talk about it with your friends.  Feel it in your bones, every time you have a cup of Petalilli. And slow and steady like a gentle stream, it will grow, it will become something we all love and all need. Just like a cup of Petalilli Tea. Sing, Sip, Smile.

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